l Starter Workshops run on Fridays from 1.15 – 3.15

Small groups of 4 artists ensure plenty of individual coaching 

Cost £55 

These workshops are for complete beginners, either to art in general or to a new medium such as graphite or pastels and all the various options within them.

All have a basic introduction of the different types or options within the medium and the various tools and papers that work well within each of them. All options have a little theory but are predominately hands-on allowing you to discover what combination works best for you and saving you time, money and frustration since small numbers allow individual coaching in using the mediums and the appropriate tools to create many, many different effects.

All materials are provided for you – so you simply arrive, relax and learn just how easy it can be to learn how to draw or work with pastel and focus on the ‘how’ in the first hour followed by hands-on creation of a final piece in the last hour.

Please note there is no watercolour workshop this year.

Drawing Workshops

Drawing Workshops…

Show you how to see through the eyes of an artist. Your brain processes information at a phenomenal rate, but to do this it just ‘doesn’t see’ (or excludes) an amazing amount of info so you can focus on driving, working etc, all your usual pace. 

This short 2 hour session will allow you time to learn the simple methods to give your left brain (the thinking/processing side) to take a nap and allow your right brain (the creative side) to take over… 

This is one reason why drawing is so relaxing, just allowing yourself to literally get lost in the observation can also be good for soul…

Pastel Workshops…

Show you how versatile, vibrant and easy to use this medium is. Working with your own box of pastels, tools, etc. you will quickly find the right combination of pastel, pencil, paper and tools etc. that work for you.

The boxes contain a mix of student to professional grade materials so these workshops can actually save you money as one box of professional pastel costs more than the workshop.

You then spend the rest of the session creating your own artwork with individual coaching and demos.