Weekly Coaching

Art, Coaching &
a Little Bit of Cake…
2 hrs per week. 
Paid monthly (4 wks)
4-7 artists. 
All abiities welcome

Starter workshops

Starter Workshops… find your feet in a new medium. 
Short, 2 hour workshops with only 4 to 6 budding artists to ensure everyone gets plenty of coaching

Drawing Course

Beginner 2 Confident… in a Month…
We can’t draw what we don’t see but c
oaching will show you how to see through the eyes of an artist & draw with ease

Plus my
Hints, Tips & Secrets blog

Coming soon…

Find Out What’s Right for You

We’re all different and we all learn differently too.
Some of us are very social and love to learn within a group so it’s less intense. Some of us just want to dive in, get to point and start drawing. 
 Whatever you prefer, you should find something that’s ‘just right’ for you

Weekly Coaching

Art, Coaching & a Little Bit of Cake

Starter Workshops

Choose from Drawing, Pastel or Watercolour

Drawing Course

Beginner 2 Confident… in a Month,

Will I learn what I want to know?

Yes! I love art and teaching.
I really love working with beginners, especially  when they see how relaxing and enjoyable creating their own art and style can be. 
With 15+ years of teaching experience in private and college settings, you will be in very safe hands with lots of encouragment to help you become a confident artist.
But don’t take my word for it… I’ve provided just a few of the shortest feedback comments of the many given to me over the past few years…

I am quite experienced with pastels, but learned something straight away! I came away knowing more than when I arrived and having had a very enjoyable time. Teaching was good …. a very mixed ability group! My only criticism – too short

Paula Harma

The session was a real hands-on, ‘have a go’ afternoon. We learned about different types and brands of pastels and also about a range of papers and techniques. Kate offers participants in her workshops the benefit of her huge experience and very obvious skills, but alongside this she is hugely encouraging and supportive

Christine Wood

A relaxed, informal and informative workshop with the emphasis on enjoyment. Lots of tools and tips to help beginners see a subject through an artist’s eyes. Kate loves teaching – and it shows. Highly recommended

Christina Robinson

A little about me…

After gaining my CertEd in the 1990s I taught in FE Colleges and the private sector for many years before working with Pioneer Projects. Initially I was working as a volunteer with what was to become their Own Now project for people living with dementia and their carer’s. I had finally found my niche working with some amazing people, on both sides of the art tables and it was one of the most rewarding ‘jobs’ I had ever done: art, coaching and working with very inspiring people.

After progressing from Assistant to Lead Artist I was asked to start similar art projects for other organisations and eventually setup my own workshops which I truly love, whether it’s watching groups gel and relax, or progressing as artists.

I now combine coaching and creating art, usually of my passions for animals and nature.

Pastels are my first and ‘forever’ love. They are so vibrant and easy to use with an amazing choice of papers and pastels… don’t believe anyone who tells you they are dull, messy (just use pencils or pans) and difficult to use.

Like many things in life, art is easy once you know ‘how’ and just keep practising – refining your skills and enjoying the process.

Initial ‘base coat’
Almost finished, a beautiful bay horse on velour paper

 Want to know more? 

Send me an email: kate@katewest.co.uk

Just text me on 07730 579978

or leave a message 01756 790066 and I will get back to you ASAP, usually within a few hours